Why Should I Hide My IP Address?

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Is it necessary for me to hide my IP?
You may probably consider that your online privacy is secure since you have never told anyone your private information when surfing the Internet. But you are completely wrong. When connecting to the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique number known as an IP address which represents your online identity. Many websites, hackers or strangers could easily access your computer through it to get your valuable information including your location, your visiting habits, your credit card information and almost everything on your PC. In order to keep off those threats, you’d better take measures to hide your real IP address.

How to hide my IP?
The most popular method to hide IP is to use a proxy server which sits between the user’s computer and the Internet. When you access websites, all of your requests will be sent to the proxy server first. If your requests are allowed, the proxy server will use one of its own IP addresses to make requests on your behalf. Through the proxy server, your computer is able to access websites indirectly. As a result, the websites could only see the IP address of the proxy server, not your own IP address. Thus you are hardly traced or monitored when browsing online.

Hide IP Tools
Now many hide IP products enable you to use IP addresses of anonymous proxy servers to ensure your online safety and security. Via replacing your real IP with a fake one, your Internet connection will be fully protected. It is fairly easy and convenient for most Internet users. Surf Anonymously Free, for example, allows you to change your IP just with one click. The following hide IP tools are also reliable:

Free Hide IP

Hide IP Privacy

Mask My IP

If you want to get more recommendations of other hide IP software, please visit http://www.protect-myprivacy.com. 

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